One year more… in Amsterdam!!!

Yep, i’m now a year older, and to celebrate it i travelled to Amsterdam. Is a fantastic city, is very beautifull, the people are very kind and nice and you can do a lot of things:

  • Culture: Van Gogh, Anna Frank, etc…
  • Enjoy: A lot of coffe shops to choice, included the most famous The Bulldog
  • Party: The infamous RedLight District and the best bar in the world Babes & Teasers
  • I love this city :) i will post a few picts soon.
    My travel pals was so great (fusero, kch, etc…) and we see a lot of increible things. spontaneous stripers, bananas, a lot of things that you never will believe…

    UPDATED: Pics added to my gallery enjoy :)

    In other hand… the new Gentoo-Es is ready for use. And soon a new system for manging the spanish translation will be online too :)

    Im playing a lil with mono. i love TomBoy and f-spot. So i’m yet trying to build beagle.


    1 Response to “One year more… in Amsterdam!!!”

    1. 1 kch
      14 June, 2005 at 17:27 pm

      First at all I also enjoyed that wonderful trip. It was great.
      The only thing that surprise me is that people which visit the journey photo gallery seems to prefer looking how a big hamburguer can be instead of looking to the babes of the Teaser’s. (Look for how many times each picture has been viewed)

      Maybe this world is getting crazy? Or the gallery is only visited by girls? or nowadays men are loosing their original animal instinct?

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