Hacking with gtk themes

I was bored of my gtk bright theme, so i was searching for a new theme, a dark theme. But i didn’t find a perfect theme. So i created my own one :P
Is based/inspired on darkcoffe2 and Chatsubo using the ClearLooks gtk-engine (yes, i love the animated progress bar :P)

The theme is ClearLooks-DarkBlue-0.5 and of course a screenshot


The theme is not perfect (yet) so any comment is welcome. If you like, or not, it drop me a comment :)

In other hand, ikke made an script with ideas from recursos.sh so only for plain text. is a nice script :)

I never did one before so i learned a lot about gtkrc file. Was a hard find all colors and values so i will include a lil description of some values :

  • base[NORMAL]
  • base_normal

  • base[SELECTED]
  • base_selected

  • bg[ACTIVE]
  • bg_activel

  • base_normal

  • bg[NORMAL]
  • bg_normal

  • fg[ACTIVE]
  • fg_active

  • fg_insensitive

  • fg[NORMAL]
  • fg_normal

  • fg[PRELIGHT]
  • fg_prelight

  • text[Active]
  • text_active

  • text[NORMAL]
  • text_normal

  • text[PRELIGHT]
  • text_prelight

  • text[SELECTED]
  • text_selected


    4 Responses to “Hacking with gtk themes”

    1. 1 Chewi
      25 May, 2005 at 04:28 am

      Hey that’s pretty cool! Good dark themes are very hard to come by. I’ve only ever had luck with Geramik. It doesn’t have any colours of its own – it uses your Qt colour settings. The only Qt program I really use is Opera and that has its own skins so the actual reason why I use Geramik is because it you can quite flexibly choose your own colours using qtconfig and it also looks really nice – it makes GTK1 apps look amazing! There are very few good themes that work for both GTK1 and GTK2 but this one does! It’s not 100% perfect, I have experienced a few glitches, some of which I have been able to fix. I had to tinker with my gtkrc files to fix the black text cursor and the hard-to read-text in tooltips and Guifications. But other than that, it’s been great! I’ve tried it in dark purple and dark blue. Here’s some screenshots.

    2. 25 May, 2005 at 14:28 pm

      nice :)
      so i dont like too much the k/geramick style too bloated for me

    3. 3 ganatronic
      29 May, 2005 at 23:35 pm

      Thanks. I’m digging this. It seems like the best of the darker themes that I’ve looked at.

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