No more Doc-Es for me…

I‘m leaving the lead of the Spanish Doc team. Really i leaved it a few weeks ago, so just Swift known it :P

2-3 year of leading this team is sufficent for me. Was very nice to be the first spanish dev, to create the spanish team, the spanish forums, the spanish comunity…. So im really demotivated lately and a few team members really do a lot to help me to leave. An in other hand i have 2 full time jobs that i need to live.

Thanks to everybody that help the team all this time for a great work :) I will still aroun the doc team trying to help and of course im yet a Gentoo Dev.
I think that my most interesting gentoo dev actually is Gentoo-GNAP. I’m helping a little Koon in this task. Maybe soon i put some of the stuff i’m using with GNAP in my office.



1 Response to “No more Doc-Es for me…”

  1. 1 LuisMi
    9 August, 2005 at 15:03 pm

    Muchas gracias por todos los servicios prestados. Espero que sigas siendo un gentoo-developer y te sigas moviendo por los foros.


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