PalmOs Linux based and searching a PDA

Was a great news read this open-letter to linux community by palm, so a PalmOs linux based can be very nice in a nice Palm PDA :D
So searching for a nice PDA i hae a lot of problems:

Well im planning a 15 days travel to USA in september :) (bass USA tour 05), so i’m thinking in buy a PDA with WiFi and GPS for the travel. And i prefer a PalmOs model so Linux and WinMobile are accepted too.

What i need?

  • wifi (i prefer built-in so no problem with ext)
  • gps (i prefer built-in so no pronlem with ext)
  • not too much expensive (i will buy it in the first day in New York so i will pay in $)
  • What i don’t need? (so if the price is the same i can admit it)

  • camera and not util staff…
  • My frist PDA election was T5, if i buy it in palmone store a have free the sd-wifi card. It is more powerfull than C and are similar price, so C have the WiFi built-in. So i choose T5 for the powerfull CPU and RAM. But it don’t have GPS (any palm have it).
    Searching for a GPM module (BlueTooth ot wired) i found my favorite Tom Tom Go but it’s really expensive. Other GPS options are this and this. But i’m a new comer in PDA/GPS-Land so i dont know what kind of maps of soft use this devices.

    Other PDA option is the Sony Clie, it have BT and WiFi built-in so the price is similar too, and it uses PalmOs, So not GPS :(

    I’m really going crazy :P
    Please an experiencied user can e-mail me or reply this post about this topic?

    PD: yes i know the eBay option so i want to evite it.


    2 Responses to “PalmOs Linux based and searching a PDA”

    1. 1 fsteinel
      9 August, 2005 at 22:29 pm

      have a look at vowe.net. the latest in his series of tests: http://vowe.net/archives/006168.html

    2. 10 August, 2005 at 01:37 am

      thanks, the problems with smartphone is that if you want an unlocked smartphone it’s really expensive…

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