nautilus mockups

Just some images to about a few new ideas for nautilus. This ideas can be very usefull, because it helps you to know in what folder, or special folder are you.
Nautilus-cd-burn really need a visible “burn” buton and a bar that calc the space used to burn the files in the device.

nautilus cd-burner bug
nautilus general bug


Originally uploaded by jalbertosl.

When you open a device, the current icon of the device will be showed in a background corner of nautilus.


Originally uploaded by jalbertosl.

If you open a folder with an emblem, The emblem will be showed in the bg-corner and in all the subfolders.


Originally uploaded by jalbertosl.

Special folders, like home folder, will use an special icon in nautilus background.


Originally uploaded by jalbertosl.

If you open the trash, the current trash icon will be used in nautilus bg-corner.


Originally uploaded by jalbertosl.

the nautilus-cd-burn window will use the cd-r, dvd-r, etc icon in the background-corner and an special bar at top showing the “burn” button and a bar with the used and free space of the device. n-cd-b must autodetect the media type to calculate the free space. Can be a nice idea too a combobox button to selec the type of burn, audio or data.


3 Responses to “nautilus mockups”

  1. 29 December, 2005 at 22:45 pm

    Looks very nice! Keep up the good work :-)

  2. 4 January, 2006 at 05:33 am

    I can’t say I like the idea of the emblem appearing in the subfolders. Other than that, very nice work.

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