Long time: Removing Junk and Amsterdam Picts

Finally all ebuild’s ebooks has een removed from portage. Now you must use ebookmerge or download it manually. So LIDN can be death ut you can use the “-m” option to use a mirror. A brief usage of ebookmerge here.

About WordPress i finally updated to WP 2.x so now i use antispam plugins :D. I use: Askimet, the defautl WP plugin and a plugin called DYPM. It will ask you for a lil and simple math operation before post a comment.

So… i have a new camera :P. I proudly own a Canon EOS 350D. It works perfectly in linux in PTP mode. I use eos + f-spot + flickr and all works very well. I just begin to use this camera so i upload a few “art” picts to my DA account.
In other hand… you remember my last birthday in Amsterdam? Well.. i repeated it this year :P the new picts are here. I must upload about 150 more picts so meanwhile you can watch this. This year i go with more firends, so more funny :P. I’m using now a flickr pro account to store all my picts (i dont want to overload the bonsaikitten server again :P) so a few picts are “censored” you need to have a flickr account and add me to your contact list (sorry…). Mostly picts are not made by me so dont expect the “expectacular” picts of the last year.



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