New GTK Theme & clearlooks mockup

Some time ago i created a dark theme for gtk called DarkBlue. Now i updated it and change the name to DarkNice BLue. Now a little ChangeLog:

Originally uploaded by jalbertosl.
  • less darker so yet eye friendly
  • more legible and friendly with TFT monitors
  • more polite and clear code
  • still dark and cool :)
  • i will made soon an orange variant

So it have 2 known bugs, if somebody can help me with this :D ….

Originally uploaded by jalbertosl.

Bug one:

The slider control have a nice gradient, so this gradient doesnt works in the scrollbar control.

Other bug:

Originally uploaded by jalbertosl.

Bug two:

in the url box of epiphany and in deskbar the widget have some stange behavior, the blue line is not full drew. why? i don’t know so in my ibook more strange, it draws a black square in the box..

Strange right?

If you find more bugs tell me :)

Originally uploaded by jalbertosl.

Well i was playing with the clearlook gtk-engine and i whink in a few nice features :

  1. title and menu bar unified: can be very nice tiger style with a nice gradient or similar :)
  2. Menu & submenu highlight: a border in the active menu and submenu can be very nice too.
  3. highlight default button: the default/active button will be highlighted with a line (ala macos too).

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