Are you coming to The Party?

My last 2 weeks was really great. I cannot explain here how many thing i did and how much i enjoy. FOSDEM was great, and parties was really great. This post is a personal note, i dont want to forget all this :) my friends will understadn the notes, and of course you can ask for more detaills…

  • 8 flights in 1 week.
  • First a few days in Bilbao, carnaval… Ianire, Sheyla and Ainara (i was Danny).
    • Bilbao is very nice, maybe too much walk up adn walk down (my legs hurts).
  • Then i back and Karlos, Kikov and me had a nice nite out there. I back to home at 4 am and my fly to Brussels go at 6:30 am…
  • Really i love Brussels:
    • Meet a lot of Gentoo devs and other FOSS devs.
    • Meet Jonita and her pretty Sister :)
    • Delirium, a pub with 2004 different beers… wow… we meet there Antonio a old Fernando classmate
      • American embassy girls, irish girls and greek girl ;)
    • Secret Party
      • we was in a “secret Party” The Party… what a party…
        • Pili (melilla), Sofia (portugal), Barbara (italy).
        • the german girl…. no comments
      • We end this nite in aGreek pub, gree music, greek girls..and greek dances…

Some quotes:

  • Sheyla: “Tengo que comprar lubricante”
  • Antonio: “Me follaba hasta la gorda”
  • Pili: “Que os estaba vacilando, yo también soy española JAJAJAJ”
  • Me: “you must be from California.. i know it for your body…”
  • blackguy: “Are you coming to the party?” “Ok, let’s go”



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